The Brick Gym CrossFit Class

Ready for the workout of your life? These aren’t your normal “named” CrossFit workouts. Each “WOD” is hand-crafted by our coaches – not borrowed from another program or “main site”. Every class begins with a “strength” portion led by our USA Weightlifting Certified Strength Coach.

Voted “Top CrossFit Gyms in Fort Worth” – Wodify
Voted “Top CrossFit Gym in Fort Worth” – Audi of Fort Worth

Real Results At The Brick Gym

The Assessment

The Functional Movement Screen is used to determine your fitness level and range of motion!

Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers put you on the path toward moving, looking, and feeling better!

The Solution

At The Brick Gym, we offer the solution for success with focused fitness personalized for you!

Real Results

The Brick Gym provides real results. No counterproductive techniques or fad diets.

I used to think that part of doing Crossfit meant being “fit.” But at The Brick Gym they will help you achieve whatever level of fitness you want. I’ve done things I never dreamt would be possible by doing this program!! For that I’m so thankful…they are awesome!!

The Brick Gym

Get to know our trainers

Our dedicated and passionate personal fitness trainers have had the pleasure of producing amazing results for our clients. The Brick Gym will help guide you into a life filled with real improvements in fitness.

Meet the trainers

Our Mission

The Brick Gym focuses on providing real results and a healthier approach toward fitness through our dedicated personal trainers for student-athletes and adults serious about making changes in their bodies and performance. We offer what works best!

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